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Peace an unattainable goal in the Middle East

On September 30, Shimon Peres was buried in Israel, hailed by many as a peacemaker, by others as a war criminal. Peace in the Middle East has never been so urgent, yet so far from reality.

Afghanistan has been in chaos since the US-led invasion overthrew its government in 2001. Libya has been in chaos since the overthrow of President Gaddafi was assisted by Nato bombing in 2011.

Russia's decision to annex the Crimea and become militarily involved in an effort to prevent the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria may have been prompted by President Putin's anger at being misled by the US over Nato plans to overthrow Gaddafi.

The questionable ceasefire in Syria fell apart after the attack by US, Australian, British and Danish warplanes.

Iraq has been in chaos since the overthrow of its government in 2003.

The misguided war on terror has been a fertile breeding-ground for terrorists. In Egypt, in 2013, the democratically elected government of President Morsi was overthrown and a military dictatorship restored, supported by the US.

The UN has been unable to create peace in the Middle East, partly because too many of its member states have failed to challenge those powerful governments who are abusing UN and international laws.


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