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Peaceful co-existence overrides issue of flags

I do not believe that I am naive when I say that the majority of Protestant people are ashamed, disgusted and repulsed at the riotous response by those who object to the restricted flying of the Union flag over the City Hall.

Equally, I believe that the majority of the Catholic people (myself included) are not unduly worried when the flag flies over the City Hall, as I believe peaceful co-existence overrides the importance of any flag.

A perfect example of this is the Republic of Ireland - an economy in total chaos, created by loyal, republican-minded politicians and bankers, whose governing policy was overcome by insatiable greed, coupled with incompetence.

Their unforgiveable actions have resulted in a burden of debt upon its citizens that will last for years. It has produced inhumane hardship and poverty to make the potato famine look like a benevolent party by comparison.

Unification of Ireland, achieved under any other circumstances than unification of its people, is a recipe for disaster. Hence, the sooner the people have politicians representing them who are devoid of symbolic flags of division, the sooner we can all live in harmony; giving our children a society they can be proud of.

If ever there was a time to vote for a pedigree dog, instead of its tail, then that time has arrived.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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