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Peaceful parade ruined by the dregs of humanity

Vicious anti-Christian dregs of humanity were witnessed at Ardoyne on the Twelfth during what should have been a peaceful walk home by the Orange Order — a Christian organisation.

But the world witnessed at first hand the thuggery and attempted murder of police officers — one a young woman hit on the head by a slab of concrete.

Not content with that, they continued to drop more concrete on her as she lay badly injured. Cowards of the first order.

Earlier that day, it was a carnival atmosphere everywhere, enjoyed by everyone who was there.

Having travelled the world for the best part of 50 years, witnessing many national occasions such as Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro, ANZAC day in Sydney, a Chinese carnival in Hong Kong and many more, never did I see any thuggery as happens in Northern Ireland against a Christian organisation.

I wonder what the thinking was of those who attempted to prevent the walk by lying on the road.

Could they not have done something similar and blocked the streets around Ardoyne and kept out the so-called ‘bused-in’ thugs from entering their area — causing destruction of property and mayhem — to allow a peaceful walk which only takes five minutes to pass by?

Or were they hoping for a reaction from a dignified group of men who weren't armed with guns, petrol bombs, stones, nor who gave any verbal abuse to anyone.



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