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Peace-loving Muslims should denounce radicals

IN the face of terrorism - from whatever source - it is always an important step to understand the source of the terrorism, so as to understand if there is a legitimate cause that may need to be addressed.

So as to put an end to a festering sore, it is important not to pander to the terror, but to dissolve the underlying cause.

In the case of current Islamic radicalism, it appears that the primary grievance - if it can be called that - is that Western society is a morally and spiritually bereft ideology. (It is arguable that aspects of Western secularism are irreverent and lacking in spiritual direction).

However, the many great contributions of Western society to human civilisation are beyond doubt.

As for other ideologies, there are others in our world - Buddhism, Hinduism - who do not feel the need to aggressively and horrifically assert their ideology on others.

As such, radical Islam has neither cause nor right to assert its primitive, draconian, inhumane and foul terrorism on anyone, be it the West or their own peoples.

In addition to this, the prevailing enmity between Sunni and Shia Islam has nothing to teach the world about spiritual values. Rather, they could learn all they need to from the peace process here in Northern Ireland.

With the level of violence between innumerable warring factions throughout the Middle East and low standards of living, the Islamic world would need to quell their dissension towards the rest of the world. The warring factions should cease their fighting. Moderate and peaceful Muslims need to denounce the dissension and instead promote peace, human progress and truly spiritual values to the rest of the world.

I, therefore, urge good Muslims to embrace love, progress and harmony in our world and to denounce unjustifiable radicalisation.



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