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Pedestrianise Hill Street or lives will be lost

THE owners of the two longest-established licensed premises in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter appeal to DRD minister Danny Kennedy to pedestrianise Hill Street – the main thoroughfare in the area – only after 6pm and only subsequent to consultation with all relevant parties.

There is a very real and significant threat to the lives of those using Hill Street from cars and taxis travelling at excessive speeds with no due consideration for the safety of pedestrians.

This already potentially life-threatening situation has been exacerbated by the DRD's astonishing request to remove a barrier from the front of our premises used to protect our clientele. The potential ramifications of this directive are unimaginable.

The Cathedral Quarter is at the heart of Belfast's cultural and social economies and a real gem in Belfast's tourist industry.

A potential tragedy here would leave an indelible mark on our tourist footprint and seriously undermine the remarkable efforts of our current Lord Mayor in promoting Belfast as a premier tourist destination. No other European city has a racing track dissecting the heart of its cultural district.



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