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Pedestrians need protection from illegal cyclists

With former UTV presenter Jeanie Johnston being injured by a cyclist illegally riding along the pavement and many other examples of pedestrians being struck by cyclists, can I call upon the PSNI's chief constable to address the following questions for the public?

How many cyclists have actually been prosecuted/fined for illegally riding on the pavement in Northern Ireland over the last year?

Why do police cyclists in Belfast city centre encourage cycling on pavements by their own actions?

Why don't police cyclists do something useful for once and give advice on cycling legally to those entering Belfast recklessly by bicycle along the main arterial routes?

With the launch of the Belfast Bike scheme likely to increase the already congested pavements (given the poor infrastructure for cyclists), what action is the PSNI going to take to inform/prosecute cyclists who use the pavement?

Many believe that the PSNI are selective when it comes to road and pedestrian safety and prefer to hit the easy targets (ie car drivers).

Hopefully, the chief constable will be able to set the public's mind at ease and ensure that pedestrians are not third-class citizens whenever it comes to safe travel.


Whiteabbey, Co Antrim

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