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Pensioners can't just rely on the State

THE Belfast Telegraph carried a report (News, October 1), headlined 'Hands off our benefits: Belfast city centre rally pensioners make their point'.

I was quoted in the report, having objected to many of the issues promoted at the protest by trade unionists. I'm concerned that the comments quoted, while accurate, can only be appreciated in the context my full argument.

I was arguing that pensioners in the future would be wealthier if the shift was made from reliance on State welfare to private investment funds for retirement.

I don't doubt for a second that those people were men and women of good will. They want to see the elderly prosper – and so do I. However, it isn't simply a matter of giving pensioners increases, or assurances of continued taxpayer support. I did not go out to offend a seemingly vulnerable section of our community.


QUB Libertarian Society

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