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Pensions row may see province hit by strike chaos

I think the unions should be ashamed of themselves. They are giving their members false hope that strike action will make a difference. It will not. The Government has no more money to give and so the Executive has no choice but to implement this increase to pension contributions. What does the union think is the alternative? Take the reduction in the block grant and therefore let everyone take the hit for public sector workers?


RVS: perhaps you're one of the lucky public sector workers on a good pay grade, but many are poorly paid and so an increase in pension payments reduces their standard of living. It's good to see your lack of empathy with these citizens. You criticise unions, but perhaps you're unaware of their history, which helped to bring the vast majority of the population out of misery.


Robbo1: I do appreciate the point you make here, but most people today accept that the unions now are vastly different from in the past. Many see union reps as merely quietly doing the management's bidding while pretending to be active for workers. Not rocking the boat and ultimately looking after their own interests. Other union reps are at the other end of the spectrum and can come across as being almost like anarchists. Many folk today appear to be steering clear of union membership.

TJ McClean

TJ: you're right in that many of the unions, in my experience, are impotent and, as you state, many union officials are afraid, or don't want, to 'rock the boat'.


Low grade and low pay, actually, but living in the real world I don't expect the rest of the population (including future generations) to pay for me and my pension.


The public sector in Northern Ireland is no longer the free ride it used to be. Granted the realisation that they might actually have to do a honest day's work is a shock, but no reason to strike.

Impartial Pete

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