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People are fed up paying for incompetence

This morning I again heard one of our Ministers say we will have a Northern Ireland solution to a Northern Ireland problem, this time about university fees.

Look at the Northern Ireland solutions in the last few years. No Budget this year; a meaningless Shared Future policy; education, selection fiasco, run down school buildings, high failure rate at school leaving age; uncompleted road developments; a hamstrung planning service; overbureaucratic Civil Service; legislation which is years behind that of our nearest neighbours; a negotiated hamstrung Executive; and waffling about responsibility for snow clearance.

To be positive some of us have received badly costed benefit give aways, in the shape of free prescriptions and free transport.

It seems to me that because we couldn't run ourselves efficiently and fairly, 30 odd years ago, Direct Rule was introduced: now we are proving this incapacity all over again.

Those people who are wealth creators and tax payers, are getting fed up with paying for this incompetence.


Alliance Councillor Balmoral


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