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People have spoken but are our politicians listening?

Do the poll again, only this time do it in the Shankill, Ballysillan, Westland, Lower Falls, Ardoyne, New Lodge and Limestone areas. Do it in all the working class areas of Belfast and if the people support it, then go ahead. A poll of 1,000 people? Where did they come from? What areas did they live in? How many actually had children of school age? What's their background? The people who matter need to be asked; the people who day in and day out live next door to peacelines need to be asked. The people who do not mix with the 'other side' day in and day out need to be asked. The children of school age (secondary) need to be asked.

North Belfast

A lot of people practically brand their children at birth and indoctrinate them with tribal views. I live in the sectarian patchwork of north Belfast. We need to pass a shared future to our children.


North Belfast: The people who do not mix with the other side do not need to be asked. They need to be told. They've blighted their own lives. They should not be allowed to pass on their mental and social defects to another generation.


NPN: You forget that the kids are living in the same homes and areas with these people who you say 'blighted their lives and yours'. You forget that these people live with walls and fear of walking across peacelines every day. You forget an awful lot.

North Belfast

Yesterday, I went to pick my kids up from a north Belfast nursery and some parents were talking about this. No one wants integration. I talked with my friends at the pub later and no one wants integration. I talked to my co-workers this morning and no one wants integration - we want more peace walls.

Sam Houston

A child's schooling is only part of his or her education. A large part of a child's education takes place a home. If children are influenced by sectarian bigotry at home, then it's difficult to correct at school.



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