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People here are divided from the start

We live in a country that promotes division. Amazingly, 95% of primary schools here are faith schools.

You would never dare label a four-year-old as a 'Conservative child', or a 'Labour child' - no matter what the view of their parents - so why is it double-standards when it comes to religion?

Labelling children as Protestant or Catholic, before they are old enough to form opinions for themselves, means we are shoving a belief down their throats.

I didn't have one Protestant friend until I went to university. But I can't blame my parents. Try to find your nearest integrated school and you'll see what I mean.

Things have to change. Here, of all places, you would think integrated schools would be the major focus in the education ministry.

If children can form bonds and learn with one another from every religious and cultural background, this will cut out the bigotry and sectarianism that divides the country today.


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