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People of UK owe the rest of Europe nothing


The EU negotiators are making it as difficult as they can for the UK to get out of Europe.

Michel Barnier demands that the UK must settle its accounts before the talks can proceed.

After the First World War in 1918, the UK was bankrupt due the amount of war material we sent to Europe to defeat the Germans and in the Second World War we supplied all the materials, the vast majority of it being imported from the USA, to free Europe from Nazism.

It took the UK over 60 years to pay America back and did any of the European countries contribute to that repayment?

No they didn't; also all across Europe there are the graves of over one million British servicemen who gave their lives so that all of the continent from Norway to France could get their countries back, now the EU wants us and the descendants of these men to give billions of pounds in severance money.

I think the billions of pounds that they are asking should be waived, as surely the country we gave them back is worth an amount that is astronomical.

Also, the members of their governments and the royal families sought shelter in London until it was safe for them to return home. Myself, I can't wait until we have complete separation from Europe.


Co Down


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