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People of Upper Bann deserve better than DUP

So, as predicted, the DUP strategy in Upper Bann has collapsed into a campaign purely based on fear. Using what can only be described as an incredibly dubious survey, their last pronouncement to the electorate of Upper Bann is wholly pathetic.

Like the despicably sectarian Sinn Fein election leaflet in North Belfast, the DUP pronouncements are solely focused on the possibility of the "other side" winning.

All that features is an unattributed survey, which conveniently shores up their own apocalypse scenario of a Sinn Fein victory.

However, the survey can be challenged on so many levels. When was it taken? Why is the sample size so small? How representative was the survey? What is the margin of error?

Upper Bann needs Jo-Anne Dobson and we need to replace the DUP with politicians who are capable, committed and dedicated. Northern Ireland deserves better.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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