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People power in Greece is a lesson to us all

Throughout Europe, except in progressive media outlets, much has been said about Greece and its fight to retain its dignity due to its current crisis.

I have waited for mention that more than 100,000 people participated in a rally in Athens last Saturday organised by the Communist Party of Greece against the policies of their Government and the EU.

The sheer size of the rally demonstrates that people are fighting back against repressive forces which have not Greece's interests at heart. The current situation, in a time of capitalism's deep crisis, in which the actions carried out by several imperialist organisations, like NATO and the EU, is hitting so seriously the toiling masses, humankind is again facing great danger resulting from imperialism's deepening contradictions, from the arms race and the reinforcement of aggressive military alliances to the negation of the most basic necessities for millions of human beings.

Is it possible that Ireland may take an example from Greece?


Clondalkin, Dublin

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