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People thinking for themselves and abandoning the medieval mindset of outdated religious bodies

letter of the day: MORAL MATTERS

THE Catholic Church has urged the electorate not to vote for candidates who support integrated education, abortion and same-sex marriage. Yet, according to a recent LucidTalk poll, 74% believe that a single, common school system is the best way to provide education in Northern Ireland.

The same poll also found that less than 1% thought the Churches best represent the interests of children regarding education.

On abortion, according to a recent Millward Brown poll, 69% of people think the law should make access to abortion available where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, and 60% of people think that it should also make access to abortion available where the foetus has a fatal abnormality.

As for same-sex marriage, the evidence is undeniable. According to a 2015 Ipsos MORI poll, 68% of adults in Northern Ireland believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

Clearly the Catholic Church and most of the mainstream Christian Churches are completely out of touch with the ideas of the overwhelming majority of the population on these matters.

Increasingly Irish people, north and south, are thinking for themselves and exercising their freedom of conscience. They will no longer allow themselves to be manipulated on moral matters by reactionary religious bodies trapped in a medieval mindset that keeps our children apart and so many of our adults steeped in misery and guilt.


Humanist Association of Northern Ireland

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