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People's views are swayed by those in power

AS a former Queen's University student and vice-president of its students' union, I write in support of Dr Graham Ellison (News, January 31), who was hauled over the coals by the DUP at the Stormont justice committee after an email surfaced claiming the DUP was responsible for gay and lesbian people taking their own lives.

I don't really see how anyone could doubt that this is the case. Is anyone seriously suggesting that the Executive, MLAs and councillors have no effect on legitimising certain views?

Is anyone really saying that the party that says having a gay rugby team is "apartheid", that says homosexuality is worse than child abuse, that expelled an MLA outed as gay, has not made Northern Ireland a deeply unpleasant place to be LGBT? When the biggest party despises homosexuality, there can't be doubt that blame lies partly at their door.


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