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Pet lovers must not be passive about health

New research suggesting pets are potentially more at risk from passive smoking is shocking, if hardly surprising, and should encourage animal lovers to quit the demon nicotine.

Stopping smoking will not only safeguard public and pet health, it will also help preserve a healthy bank balance.

Secondhand smoke is already known to be a killer, but technology is about to start hurting people's pockets too. Sophisticated algorithms at the heart of modern pet insurance software can already reward responsible pet parents with lower premiums and could be deployed to charge others more for higher-risk activities, like exposing pets to smoking for example.

YouGov research, commissioned by Aquarium Software, shows 69% of us see our pets as important to the family as humans and insurance keeps our pets healthier longer, but it must be affordable.

It is essential for the long-term health of our pets to see a greater uptake in pet insurance; smokers, vapers and those who overfeed their pets beware - you could soon find yourselves under an increasingly costly cloud.


Director, Aquarium Software, Manchester

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