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Peter should have paid on wife's behalf

I AGREE totally with David Gordon's article in the Belfast Telegraph (February 4). 'Irisgate' is not going to go away easily - and it is right that it shouldn't.

Had Peter Robinson wanted to emerge from this scandal with any degree of credibility, he (and not his wife) should have repaid these monies without any hesitation back in March 2009, when he apparently first heard of his wife's shenanigans.

The fact is he didn't and I and many others, like me, believe that we would not have heard anything from Mr Robinson had the BBC Spotlight programme not signalled that this scandal was about to be exposed.

However, simply repaying the money would not, in my opinion, have absolved our First Minister from any wrongdoing.

Despite the secret report he has commissioned from a QC which allegedly clears him, I believe he is guilty of wrongdoing and his degree of culpability can best be described as wilful default (meaning he has failed to do that which he knew fine well he ought to do).

The fact Mr Robinson is now prepared to hang around while all these inquiries are going on reveals how desperate he is to cling on to power (and pay cheque).