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Peter should stop publicising the private

All along I believed Peter Robinson 'doth protest too much'. For a man who asked for privacy, he has determinedly sought to make his private affairs very much public.

Not least, his recent performance during the Assembly debate last Monday.

Of course, he could have walked away at any stage, any politician could, but like many before him he didn't. Why? Because, like most politicians, he enjoys the status, he likes the money and he can't go and do anything else.

Frankly, he's not the first husband to have been cheated on, and he'll not be the last. Many others have worked on, done great things, and kept their private affairs to themselves.

Politics is a hard, nasty business, but we never heard any of those so viciously attacked by the DUP bleat on about how they struggled against the personal attacks or how they could have just walked away. No, they did their jobs, took it all on the chin and kept their private lives private.

Take a hint, Peter, we're not impressed by you struggling on.

We're sorry your wife cheated on you, but we need a focused First Minister that can deliver for the people of Northern Ireland.




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