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Peter's arrogant stance is bad for our democracy

After months of speculation, two of the DUP's most senior figures have clarified their futures and no one should be under any illusion: their futures are inextricably linked.

Peter Robinson has confirmed he isn't going to quit and Nigel Dodds has, therefore, decided there's not going to be anything for him at Stormont, so he's off.

Clearly had Peter done the honourable thing, having lost the confidence of the East Belfast electorate, and stepped down as leader, then Nigel Dodds would have continued in the Assembly at least until the leadership question was settled.

But now Peter has arrogantly declared business as usual in an 'I see no issues' way, the circus moves on and the Assembly will get another unelected member.

Regardless of your view of Peter Robinson and the antics that have attached themselves to him, in any ordinary democracy he would have stepped down.

Now I appreciate we are not in a normal democracy but surely we should be moving towards that ideal.

As such, the loss of Nigel Dodds to the Assembly is a dark omen and an opportunity missed.




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