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Playing politics with people's lives

ONLY in Northern Ireland can party politics attempt to defeat a sensible, sensitive and achievable proposal to introduce a Private Member's Bill relating to the introduction of organ transplants.

MLA Jo-Anne Dobson, having experienced the emotional and logistical issues surrounding transplants, has submitted her well-founded proposals for the introduction of a soft opt-out system which, very carefully, takes into consideration the emotional trauma experienced by the families of the bereaved and the hopes and aspirations of potential organ receivers, whilst respecting the medical ethics required.

This seems to be an extremely sensible approach and one accepted by those signing the donor register. Why then do we need what can only be described as political interference by Mr (Alastair) Ross, which could effectively lead to a second-rate donor system being introduced?

Northern Ireland needs to have the Dobson Principles introduced without further delay. We are talking about saving lives whilst respecting the feelings of the deceased's loved ones. Let us not get embroiled in political manoeuvres.

SR Mullan

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