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Playing politics with Reserve

The suggestion that RUC part-time reservists should receive a payment as part of some DUP/Sinn Fein deal on the devolution of policing and justice is quite disgusting.

As has happened so many times already, the RUC and its former members are yet again about to become political pawns in a squalid political scheme.

At no stage should payments to those who fought and died to secure the peace and democracy we enjoy today be linked to the transfer of powers to Stormont.

The case of payments to the RUC Reserve stands on its own merit and should have been done long before. The suggestion that the community and wider RUC family should be pleased Peter Robinson has bought Sinn Fein control over policing for a few millions to reservists is appalling.

What I would be interested in knowing is, since the case for payments to the RUC reservists was well made many years ago, why has this been held back. Is it at the request of the DUP for some politically expedient reason?

The political leaders at Stormont appear fixated with money and squalid deals. Principles and "right" no longer play a role in our affairs.

The RUC Reserve will now become part of a sickening deal. Hardly a unionist success.




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