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Playing with a life is not a game

I WATCHED a 'Neknomination' video the other day and someone that I love was nominated to do it. All of a sudden it was very real.

The second I heard it I said, "I hope he doesn't do it"; then I thought, of course he will. But what if he is the unlucky one?

How would I feel if he was no longer with us? So I private messaged him (not to embarrass him) and asked him not to do it.

This rubbish has to stop. Young people feel they have to man up, they can't be seen to ignore/shy away from the challenge.

Some even feel they must outshine their nominator and go a step further by drinking that bit more, or making a video that is even more impressive. Yes, it will earn you endless 'likes' on Facebook but please stop and think.

Let's just say you're lucky, you complete the challenge unscathed, get plenty of 'likes' and nominate more friends. But, suddenly, one of your nominees dies.

Medics break the news to the family that this sudden death was as a result of this game, you have to face the parents and explain that you nominated their child, every time you see a drink you think of this tragedy and how you nominated your friend to complete this fatal act.

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