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Plea to halt housing benefit cuts

' ... planned cuts in housing benefit which could affect 6,000 people, making many of them homeless'. How so? If you are unable to find a job, move into a shared house as suggested by Iain Duncan Smith. When I left uni, I shared a house until I could afford something else. The above sentence should read ' ... planned cuts in housing benefit which could affect 6,000 people, making many of them make minor adjustments to their living arrangements'.


Find work? What work is there to find?


Paul1157: try looking at NIJobfinder. There are jobs, but especially for those with an education.


Robbo1: I'm in a job and have a good grammar school education, but the amount of graduates leaving these shores would suggest that the employment market is on the wane, even for those with a third-level education. We're largely a service economy and the fact that, for the 100-odd jobs in the new Tesco in Newtownards, they had thousands of applicants shows that there are simply too many people looking for too few jobs.


Paul1157: a third-level education does not guarantee a job as there are too many near-worthless degrees which can be obtained without a decent 'degree' of numeracy and, sometimes, a poor standard of literacy.


That wouldn't have been nearly as good a headline as battering the Government for trying to do something about the ridiculous amount of debt the country (namely thee and me) is in.


People here are talking about degrees and grammar school educations. I really don't think that's relevant to the people who are on housing benefit to be honest. Surely the people affected will be long-term unemployed? People who don't want to work and just live off DLA etc? I imagine the real number will be in the hundreds.



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