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Please, all we ask is just one positive decision

In March 2007, I wrote saying, if I could grab the levers of power here, I would straightaway do the following things.

* Tax plastic supermarkets bags at 10p a bag.

* Tax compel car owners to display tax and insurance discs.

* Privatise the provision and repair of NHS wheelchairs.

* Reduce the speed limit in built-up areas to 25mph.

* Provide free toothbrushes to every primary school and have daily brushing.

* Introduce a guaranteed one-year of employment for teachers on graduation.

* Remove the eight-week delays at the MoT test centres or privatise the lot.

* Introduce one man, one political office.

Yet, so far, the Assembly has done nothing. I've looked through all the Assembly press notices to find the most common verbs.

They are - and I quote - meets, visits, briefs, outlines, visits, attends, looks forward, listens, visits, discusses, convenes, updates, visits, welcomes, highlights, considers, visits, examines, supports and consults. Oh, and visits. In fact, everything apart from make a positive decision.

So two years after MLAs taking office, we find that Stephen Nolan is still running the country and its public services on morning radio.

Get a grip boys on the hill. All we want for Christmas is a positive decision - on anything!




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