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Please take moment to pray for Syrian people

AS anyone who listens to news broadcasts will be aware, the situation in Syria - and especially Aleppo - is a living hell for those people who still live there. The current situation, with the breakdown of the recent seven-day truce, just seems to have got much worse.

Hostilities have once again begun and the bombing continues. It would seem there is a vested interest in bombing these poor unfortunate people into oblivion.

I do not wish to apportion blame to any one side. My reason for writing this letter is only in an attempt to try and do something about that situation.

These people are just like us. Just imagine what they have to live under, ever-fearful of the scream of a jet engine overhead. Think about it: is there much we can do? Sending aid isn't an option, but there is a way of maybe helping.

We are a Christian country and, as such, we should be able to muster the ability to band together and pray for these people and their situation. It really can't do any harm.

I'm sure many of you already pray for peace in Syria and the world, but I'm also sure that there are many more of you who don't.

We tend to pray for the things we want and for the people near and dear to us. I've always believed that praying for others makes for much more contentment within ourselves.

All I ask is that you just say a few small prayers and ask that the people of Aleppo and Syria in general be blessed with peace.

I have to say I'm just a normal (hopefully) ordinary citizen, but the situation I constantly see on the news about what is happening in Syria does not sit well with me and, therefore, I have decided to try and do something about it.

For those of you who maybe don't really concern yourselves much with religion, I would ask that you, as well saying a few words quietly to yourselves, ask for a resolution. You never know - it might just work.


Eglinton, Co Londonderry

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