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PM leading us to Brexit without a safety net

Two post-referendum letters were published (Write Back, December 8), one of which I agreed with absolutely and one that I disagreed with absolutely.

Paul Roberts made the point that anyone who disagreed with the referendum result had the right to make their views publicly known without fear of name-calling by Brexiteers, and to work to convince others of the great mistake made. I am in absolute agreement with him.

However, Alan Love stated that our First Minister should hold the population of Northern Ireland to ransom by insisting on Brexit now, or else she should sacrifice Stormont. I absolutely disagree.

Mr Love must be aware that the people of Northern Ireland voted to Remain, and that Brexit is going to be enacted by our Ukip-leaning PM on the say-so of only a quarter of the UK population. The rest gave no indication of wanting to Leave.

I am fearful the Government is pressing ahead, having no visible plan, and will drag us all over the edge, with no safety net.


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