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PM won't meet us over economy: McGuinness

Anyone in business in Ireland already works in an all-island, North and South capacity. Our economy, as with our security, needs to be co-ordinated right across the island. We need to work together to secure peace and generate wealth.

I suppose that Mr McGuinness has only business in mind without a thought for his united Ireland cause? Dealing with business on an all-island basis might be a good idea, but then dealing with business on a British Isles basis might be even better - certainly a far bigger market with the advantage to NI that we have the same currency. But is McGuinness going to say that? People bang on about not wanting him as FM because he's a republican. I don't want him because I think he's an idiot.

Why doesn't he just go south and join his old pal the bearded one? There will never be an all-Ireland economic policy because even the dogs in the street know that it's just a ploy to get a united Ireland.


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