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PMS plan is timed to suit politicians, not savers

Is it just me, or am I really the only cynic left in Northern Ireland?

Surely the recent announcement by the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister that payments to Presbyterian Mutual Society (PMS) savers will go out "early in the financial year" could been seen as politically opportune.

Just like last year's 'resolution package' being proposed and trumpeted just before the Westminster election.

Now, in no way would I wish to see PMS savers suffer one day longer than necessary. But, as a society, is it right to allow our politicians to so cynically use and abuse such a subject in the mouth of an election?

A bit like the payments to the RUC reservists, some might suggest that all these 'financial solutions' are set to arrive on the mats of the electorate - particularly the unionist electorate - along with the dreaded party political election literature.

A moratorium should be issued immediately - possibly even by the Secretary of State - on both the payment, or the promise of payments - at least until after the May Assembly elections.

Buying votes by any means, the same as buying influence, must be stamped out.

Otherwise, our already suspect political system will become totally corrupt.


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