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Police must act over former MLA's threats

I refer to your report (News, September 21), in which former co-opted UUP MLA Adrian Cochrane-Watson vowed to "break the legs" of any drug dealers he catches selling substances to children.

Your article also noted the PSNI's response from Superintendent Emma Bond, saying that police in Antrim and Newtownabbey were "fully committed to dealing with the issue of drugs".

Is Supt Bond also going to fully commit to addressing Mr Cochrane-Watson's threats of serious assault, which echo the threats and actions of paramilitaries carrying out punishment beatings on drug dealers?

Mr Cochrane-Watson - now a mere citizen, like the rest of us - should apologise for his remarks.

Apprehending and punishing drug dealers is a matter for the PSNI and the courts, not for some politician-turned-self-styled-vigilante - irrespective of his sense of grievance.


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