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Police overtime bill hits £7m

It will have to be paid for and regular policing cannot be allowed to suffer through cuts elsewhere.

Ed Winchester

This is a joke. Crack some skulls and show some leadership. Don't give in to terror.

Dublin Capital

Dublin Capital: Something tells me that, on a level playing field, you could not even crack an egg even if you tried.

Tyrone Prod

Maybe we should take it out of the Stormont payroll budget. See if that helps the 'leaders' find a solution.


The dissident IRA must be a bit upset by all this. For years, they've been shooting soldiers and planting bombs without so much as a flinch from loyalists. Sinn Fein takes a flag down and they go berserk.

The Spelegraph

Extremists do not define our society, or dictate how we live. Yobs and criminals do nothing more than prey on our young.

Cult Creature

I'm sure, since it was the DUP that started it, they will dip into the marching season funding instead of planning with the UUP about what a great year of trouble they'll have. The last thing we want to see are more flags.


Loyalists talk of a show of strength. If any show of strength is needed, it is from the police. A good start would be to bring in stronger legislation to remove flags from public highways.


Cnrboy: I agree 100% with you. All flags should be removed from lamp-posts. If these were nationalist protests, the roads would be cleared well and truly by now.

Irish Prod

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