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Police trainees who were caught cheating in their exams should be summarily dismissed from force

I believe that the Chief Constable has not gone far enough in merely backsquadding the cheating trainees (News, June 14). They should have been summarily dismissed. No ifs, or buts, about it. Had they been found cheating in GCSE, or university degree exams, would they have been acceptable as a police trainee? I doubt it.

Future applicants would also realise the true-life meaning of integrity: cross the line and you're out. There also appears to be a lack of common sense.

Backsquadding has been used in the past by both the PSNI and the RUC to help the occasional recruit who shows promise, but needs to brush up on some of the curriculum, or for those who may have been injured and require extra time to complete the course.

These trainees have been set the wrong example of the requirements needed in a police constable.

Will they in future falsify statements, or look the other way, if they see wrongdoing?

As the father of an applicant, who has just passed his medical examination and is awaiting word of when to report for training, does this mean he will have to wait until these miscreants have been retrained? I am angry for him, as he has already been in the system since August 2014.

Will he still be waiting for another two years?


Newtownards, Co Down

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