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Political analogy in the classroom

As someone once involved at the sharp end of education, the current political crisis reminds me of parallels in the classroom.

Teacher is called away and leaves the class in the care of two head girls. They are instructed to help the younger ones prepare for an important Easter test.

When teacher returns, she finds that the two have spent their time squabbling and the youngsters are complaining that they have been given nothing to do.

She warns the prefects that there will be severe consequences if the students fail their exam. If they pass, however, there will be Easter eggs for everyone.

Off she goes again, but a health problem arises and no local doctor can be located. On her return, she manages to find one from a different area who sorts the matter out, departs, but remains on call.

The class are too weak to take the test, but teacher relents and gives them all an Easter egg anyway. After all, there will be a chance to resit at a later date.

Surreal? Perhaps not.



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