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Politicians and businesses must quickly realise that fossil fuels and nuclear energy are not way forward

letter of the day: renewable alternative

The post-Brexit decision to build a nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, more roads, high-energy pig farms and other outdated developments that represent a centralised, fossil fuels/nuclear economy, needs analysis.

In the EU, energy companies are buying 20-year contracts with renewable energy small players (farm co-ops, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and urban renewable energy co-ops). The European Investment Bank is financing these developments, because the sun and wind are free and they cannot default.

Citigroup Bank carried out a survey and found that coal, oil, gas and nuclear industries have $100trn in stranded assets. China has invested $82bn in a digitalised renewable energy smart grid.

So, as the EU rolls out a renewable energy net to organise, power and move their economy, we are out in the cold, investing in more fossil fuel/nuclear infrastructure that will inevitably lead to rising costs. How will we compete?

The bull in the china shop is climate change and the lack of a Climate Act in Northern Ireland shows me that it is business as usual.

Most political parties here and their planning laws support fossil fuel/nuclear/top-down/centralised energy supplies for agriculture, transport and construction.

We need to rethink our politics and business model.

And we also need to listen to the climate scientific reports and think in a joined-up way, long-term, collaboratively and see the new green business opportunities.



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