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Politicians are the problem, not apathy

Peter Robinson is quite wrong when he says "our greatest opponent is apathy". Northern Ireland's greatest opponent is our rubbish politicians.

Regardless of which party you care to examine, whether you compare Delusional Ruane or Howling McCausland, Northern Ireland is failing simply because the calibre of both our political discourse and the quality of our local politician is very poor.

At Westminster, the debate is over which university Cabinet ministers went to. In the Assembly, it's more like, which minister finished school. Clearly, the Assembly still does not attract the successful businessman, barrister or professional. Now some may see this as a strength - a real earthy connection with 'the people'. But ultimately we are offered, and therefore elect, underachievers, who have had little success in their own spheres of influence and now provide uninspiring leadership to the country.




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