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Politicians bury their heads in the sand again

Ryanair charges £80 for baggage, and we get front page headlines and three full columns of coverage. The Department of Agriculture is fined £60m and it merits a column on page two. (News, June 2) Did I miss something?

The fine of £60m will have to be paid by the Northern Ireland taxpayer and will force a reduction in public spending of the same amount. That's another 50% on top of the £128m of cuts imposed last week by the Treasury.

The Minister for Agriculture appeared on television saying that no one was to blame, but I think a £60m fine cries out for somebody to blame.

Perhaps our politicians are all busy running away from financial responsibility. Water charges and public expenditure cuts? Let's defer them. A £60m fine? Let's ignore it.

The problem with this approach is that very shortly we are in for a massive shock. My advice to anyone thinking of investing in Northern Ireland is to buy shares in sand - there's plenty of politicians desperate to bury their heads in the stuff.



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