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Politicians don’t live in real world

Politicians at Stormont have let the people of Northern Ireland down. It may be a well-worn line, but sadly it’s true. Our education system is being destroyed daily, and the DUP have sat idly by and watched Sinn Fein pet-project after pet-project pass by and done very little about it. Why have they never taken the Education Ministry?

We have a bloated health service that employs far too many well paid middle-managers and not enough doctors and nurses. Not a week goes by without job losses, wages are being pushed down and many rely on zero-hours contracts. As far as investment in local areas goes, just have a two-minute look at the Newtownards Road as an example. That road used to be buzzing. All we hear from Executive parties is that everything is rosy. In the real world, it isn’t.

Some fund their party and some are employing numerous family members — all with money coming from the taxpayer. Roll on May, there’ll be a few of them receiving their P45.

Phillip Anderson

East Belfast

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