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Politicians ensure the walls dividing us will remain

PARTY politics to the side, I am an Irish nationalist with a burning desire for the reunification of Ireland and heartbroken at how that legitimate desire has been shattered time and time again by people who have exploited my wish for an end to partition and all the causes and excuses that sustained it over the years.

As we approach the season of goodwill all the efforts and all the suffering endured by good and innocent people from different backgrounds are lost as a few leaders or spokespersons of political parties take it upon themselves to ensure we remain in the trenches of hatred, mistrust and bitterness for another eternity.

As I take a moment to escape from my profound disappointment and gaze across to the hills of Donegal, the birthplace of my late Irish speaking mother, I ask myself the serious question: "Is this example of partition really relevant to a modern world where borders have come down and new relationships have been built across Europe that would have been unthinkable a few years ago?"

It surely is in dark days such as these that serious reflection is needed. Sadly, it could not be further from that.

Day dreaming and reflection won't of itself achieve my desire for a united Ireland and a united people comfortable and capable of living together without partition, peace walls and all the other trappings of division. Now it seems those foundations are in danger of being washed out to sea by people who are not worthy of the title 'politician' and I don't differentiate between them.


MLA East Londonderry

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