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Politicians must grow up and get to work

Right now, there are people in pain on ever-growing hospital waiting lists, there is a threat of the downgrading of our hospitals due to lack of funding, teachers are threatening to strike, funding for much-needed voluntary organisations is in danger of being stopped. I could go on. And on.

This place has no government, or no signs of the parties even showing an interest, or making an effort, to form a government. Brexit is coming down the line and I, personally, don't see our politicians breaking into a sweat trying to fight for a deal for us.

Unionists are accepting that Theresa May will do what's best for Northern Ireland; nationalists are pinning their hopes on Europe doing what's best.

Neither is busting their own guts to fight for the electorate here.

The sad truth is that Brussels will put the interests of Europe first and Westminster will put the interests of London and England before that of the devolved regions.

Unionists and nationalists should be working together in both Europe and Westminster to fight for the people here.

Yet, our well-paid, educated, esteemed politicians on both sides have plenty of energy and time to insult (and be insulted by) their counterparts on the "other side".

They are really behaving like idiotic, immature children in the schoolyard.

What a poor example of professional behaviour and work ethic they are setting for others.

If only they would put the same effort, time, energy and zeal into forming a government, dealing with issues here and tackling Brexit as they do in trying to offend each other and in being affronted by each other.

Grow a thick skin, get over yourselves and get on with doing the job you were appointed to - and are being paid to - do.


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