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Politicians should leave personal beliefs at home

So, Ian Paisley has called for a "national day of prayer" after retaining his North Antrim seat last week (News, May 8). Apparently, the nation must seek supernatural help in sorting out a political mess that's too complicated for mere mortals.

Imagine the teams of dedicated DUP members travelling around the UK explaining to people the urgency of contacting the Lord with a unified voice to sort out complex political issues.

There was no sign of any divine intervention regarding the thousands of poor people who suffered terrible injuries and death in the mountains of Nepal recently, or a helping heavenly hand for the millions of children around the world dying every day due to war, starvation and disease.

Oh, no, let's have a "national day of prayer" for politicians with their same old policies, bitterness and bigotry.

At a time when we need a complete split from Church and State, Mr Paisley would integrate us further. Who does he think he's talking to?

The world is suffering dreadful wars, because deluded religious men impose their ideology on their citizens and we're no less blighted with this here in Northern Ireland by politicians who won't leave their personal beliefs at home.


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