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Politicians should quit over Northern Ireland water supply fiasco

So Northern Ireland Water's chief executive has announced his resignation over his handling of the water supply crisis. But who should really be quitting?

For decades, republican and loyalist terrorists bombed Northern Ireland into ruins. However, during this time, the British and other governments rescued this country by pouring millions of pounds into rebuilding what the terrorists destroyed.

Understandably, the scale of spending on anti-terrorism and restoration denied meaningful investment in the Northern Ireland economy and infrastructure: hence our dilapidated water system.

While terrorists fought for sovereignty of the ground on which they stood, Northern Ireland's politicians failed to exercise responsible leadership and allowed the agony of destruction and waste to drag on.

Many of these same politicians and terrorists have now morphed into our current elected representatives and continue to pursue the same old agendas.

Listening to our politicians claim that the water crisis is not of their making shows just how politically immature, ineffective and self-centred they really are.

By all means let's find out if NI Water handled the crisis to the best of their ability, but let's not forget the decrepit water system left to them following decades of underinvestment.

I know who I think should be quitting - the politicians, especially those who have roots in, and links with, terrorist organisations. But I doubt this will happen.

Will our politicians ever develop the vision to make this country one in which we can be proud ? Or will they continue to waste our taxes in one of the most under-performing governments imaginable?


Lisburn, Co Antrim