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Politicians' supposed Christian values desert them when it comes to helping the homeless

Letter of the day: Park Benches

As I watch from behind the sofa at the catastrophe that is the current Northern Ireland political landscape, part of me has become desensitised over the years to the ridiculousness and ineptitude of many politicians here; to actually engage in the ancient art of, well, politics.

However, another part of me (as an ex-pat living in Manchester) is finding it difficult to deal with the cringe factor associated with explaining to my diverse and multicultural group of friends and peers the 'fun facts' and comments that come from the Assembly and associated parties, especially now as Northern Ireland is in focus with Brexit and the election deal.

But I am, in fact, writing regarding some posts I have seen on social media relating to the sawing of park benches in Belfast; done to ensure that those areas do not become used for the homeless to congregate.

While many of the Northern Ireland political parties cash in on 'Christian values' when it provides a nice soundbite, or underpins some bigoted position, it is utterly repugnant if, at the same time, we are failing those in our society who cannot recover their situation without our help.

Can someone investigate/provide a response to the suggestion that these benches have been sawn purposely and, within the response, outline how the Northern Ireland Assembly, politicians and local councillors intend to take the issue seriously?

Given that Northern Ireland is currently on the naughty step and does not even govern its own people, I fear that this issue is going to fall even further down the political priority list.

I am praying the bench situation is inaccurate; however, a serious response regarding the provision for homelessness, active and effective strategies to manage the homeless Northern Ireland population should be included.



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