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Polls highlight differing takes on ex-terrorists


There is one essential difference between the atrocities and many other similar acts of slaughter that we remember this week! Not a single member of any loyalist murder gang ended up in our Government.

At election after election since the Good Friday Agreement the unionist electorate have rejected them out of hand. However, the opposite is true as regards nationalist voters, who turned out in droves to elect gunmen, bombers, child killers, widow-makers and terrorist godfathers from Sinn Fein to our Government, at the expense of the moderate SDLP.

Had Begley and Kelly escaped detection on the Shankill bombing it is highly likely that one or both would now be Sinn Fein MLAs lording it over us.

This is the real cause of the continued unrest here in NI and why peace is an illusion.

Nationalists should learn that the sight of the unrepentant terrorists they deliberately put into Stormont and Westminster, gloatingly lecturing us on moving forward, is as offensive to us as a Kick the Pope band or abusive loyalist murals are to them.


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