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Poor government is letting down business

Our public representatives and other public figures too often emphasise austerity as the main economic issue affecting us.

Reduction of the use of public money certainly does affect too many people, but the insidious disease of inefficiency is just as damaging.

How often are we pushed from pillar to post to get simple things done? And, as the public sector is dominant in Northern Ireland, the main finger must be pointed at them. All departments seem nice, but ineffective.

The politicians also have the responsibility of getting things done. Too often, the wish-list is publicised, then no action plan with resources is attached.

As someone who has invested heavily in Belfast (creating some 450 generally hi-tech job opportunities) and wishing to do more, we have been held up by the inability to get decisions.

Belfast needs to catch up with other competing cities if it is going to be the catalyst to creating a better Northern Ireland.

The infrastructure projects of improving the transport connections with the city and the hinterland must happen, or investment funds and enthusiasm for development will go elsewhere.

My company needs more certainty from the local leaders and better service from the public sector.



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