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Poor return from our funding for Ulster-Scots

IF it took my constructive letter of criticism to elicit a response from the Ulster-Scots Agency, that is progress. In his letter (Write Back, October 28), chief executive Ian Crozier conceded that my concern regarding the Ulster-Scots television programme The Gaetherin was justified.

In view of this, I can only wonder why he, as CEO, has not gone on record to express his displeasure and concern at such a risible programme.

Mr Crozier's comment about my ill-informed attack on the Ulster-Scots Agency, and his reference to hate-filled invective, are merely rhetoric.

He refers to the European Committee of Experts, which oversees the development of minority languages across Europe. How are the Ulster-Scots represented on this committee?

Have they anyone from Cushybracken, Aughtercloney, or Ballinaloob in their ranks? I think we should be told.

Mr Crozier goes on to cite a list of what he considers to be Ulster-Scots achievements, including their Ulster-Scots newspaper.

I suggest this is a poor return for all the funding the agency has received over the years. I am of the opinion that, unless they can improve their performance, in their present role they are only carrying food to the grave.



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