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Poots fires shots to warn off intruders

What's the problem? If someone tried to break into my house and I had a shotgun, they wouldn't get the courtesy of warning shots.


Maybe the Government should give us all shotguns. It would cut the number of burglars (but it might be hard to get to sleep at night). Or maybe, the Government should appoint a quango to look into this problem.


Why did he not call the police and let them do their job?


If Mr Poots is a true Christian, he shouldn't be involved in politics, or a political party. But if he remains in politics, or belongs to a political party, he will reap what he sows. Many of Christ's servants discern the folly of political involvement and use their talents in other areas away from the public gaze. But for true Christians to possess guns? No, no, no. (Or as someone once put it, though in a different context that turned out to be misguided and false, Never, never, never.) Christian weapons are much more powerful than guns and their Master left instructions: 'My kingdom is not of this world, if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight' (John 19:36).


Cherrytreeman: If Christians can't get involved in politics, how would a country with a complete Christian population govern itself? Who would make the decisions?


Edwin won't find too many homeowners giving out about this.


I don't like Poots or his policies/views. But he is a prominent politician and it is reasonable to accept that he may require a gun on his premises. I have no problem with him firing warning shots.


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