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Poots must go if he can't live with equality

Following Health Minister Edwin Poots' recent comments on the ban on gay men from donating blood, I believe Mr Poots should consider his position as a minister.

NUS-USI's recent annual conference unanimously passed a motion to put pressure on the minister to overturn the ban and I believe that, if Mr Poots cannot bring himself to treat everyone equally on blood donation, then how can he expect the community to have confidence in him as Health Minister.

He has had every opportunity to end the ban on gay men donating blood, but his abject failure is disgraceful.

It's time that Edwin Poots considered his position as a minister. His intransigence on this important issue of equality has brought shame on Northern Ireland.

Who does Mr Poots actually speak for when he behaves like this? Many, many people are saying 'not in our name'.

How dare he stigmatise a large number of people in the community. If he can't live with equality, then he doesn't deserve a place in government.

Its not just the minister that must consider his position - the DUP must also show positive leadership to deliver fairness.

People are sick of politicians who stigmatise and disrespect LGBT matters.


President, NUS-USI