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Pope condemned same-sex union as work of Satan

WHILE Nigerian priest Fr Joseph Okere appears to have incurred the wrath of his bishop, Bishop Francis Duffy, after he said those who voted Yes in the Republic's same-sex marriage referendum were "devil worshippers", he finds himself in good company.

On July 8, 2010, the Buenos Aires Herald ran an article with the headline "Bergoglio accuses same-sex marriage bill of 'being Satan's work to destroy God's plan.'"

The-then Cardinal Bergoglio, who is now Pope Francis, said same-sex "marriage" was "a move by the devil, looking to confuse and deceive all children of God".

Is the Church to oppose same-sex marriage and be hated or to condone it and be popular? Sadly, many today do not believe in Christ. The bishop, therefore, has a choice: he can either surrender and become a servant of the world, or he can follow Christ and the martyrs and fight.

There is no middle way. The deafer the world becomes, the louder the Church has to shout.

The bishop should reflect and then, rather than, betray a faithful priest to the world, he might find the courage to support him.


Director, Lumen Fidei Institute

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