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Pope could visit Ireland in June 2012

It's good to see our neighbours have recovered from their economic woes and are able fund a visit from the Pope.


It would truly be a sign of progress if in Dublin the protests against the Pope were bigger than the protests against the Queen during her visit.


I venture the opinion that it is too early for the Pope's visit too, as the church has a great deal of atoning to do, too.


I wonder if he has a pimple on his derriere that needs attended to? The lillies should be in full bloom in June.


All well and good inviting these people, but the burden on Joe Public is massive. It might be cheaper to send the people to London and Rome rather than take in visitors. If they did a videolink on live TV, sure wouldn't that do? Then they can come over some other time.


And who, pray, is going to pay for the visit? Ireland is broke.

Soda Farl

Speaking as an atheist and a republican, the Queen and the Pope are both welcome in any part of Ireland.

Bongo Bill

The Queen in the Republic? The Pope in the north? Things are going backwards over here - and I like it.

Irish Stew

So folks. Do you want your cabin on the Titanic to be on the port or the starboard side?


We paid for the majority of it with the increase in rates.

Honest Abdul

I wonder what ingenious ways Stormont will find to waste it?

Ben for President


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