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Pope firmly in mould of his predecessor

Congratulations on your coverage of the election of Pope Francis. In particular, the analysis of David Quinn (Comment, March 15) has been the proverbial breath of intellectual fresh air.

Unfortunately, since the election of Pope Francis, there has been a lot of childish waffle about the new Pope, from the usual extreme liberal/feminist sources.

Liberalism and feminism, per se, are excellent concepts. Unfortunately, they have been usurped over the last 20 to 30 years by liberal/feminist fundamentalists, who display a zealous intolerance of anyone who dares to dissent from their narrow worldview.

They appear to have decided, against all the evidence, thankfully, that the new Pope is really one of their own, a closet liberal.

David Quinn's reality-check reminds us that the Pope is very much in the theological/philosophical mould of his predecessor.

While maybe not as intellectually distinguished, he shares Benedict's concerns about the intellectual infantilisation of the Western world and its preoccupation with various forms of dubious, or irrational, social experimentation. Hence his clash with the Argentine government.

So the new papacy is very much a continuum of the previous one. From a Catholic perspective, one of Benedict's greatest achievements was to restore some much-needed dignity to the liturgy of the Mass. Hopefully, Pope Francis will maintain the momentum.


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